Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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Hi everybody!
A quick up-date from Rome. Recently my life has not been that spectacular, due to mid semester exams. Last week, we had to hand in our take-home exam. I managed to complete the essay in time and hopefully successfully. I think the rest of the class completed it as well (it was voluntarily) and we are waiting for our grades now.
The next papers are already in process. For our management course Adrian, August and me have to make a “Business Analysis” for Porsche. I guess that is not going to be that difficult, since we already wrote something similar for our Marketing course last semester. However, I guess way harder is the “Business Challenge Project” which has to be handed in next week. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you details about the project, because everything is top confidential, but since it is a voluntarily project, it had suffered a bit in the last few weeks, meaning that we did not work as much on it as we were supposed to. We all count on a very productive weekend!
Today, I am flying back to Germany, because I have an internship interview. I am planning to take one year off, after I have received my Bachelor degree. I would like to do two internships in order to gain practical experience before doing my masters. Tomorrow, I am going to have an interview at a company in Austria. It is my first serious interview, so I am already quite nervous but at the same time excited what to expect. My next blog will be about the interview….so I hope you will follow-up.

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