Monday, January 23, 2012


Let’s say it’s not the best time of the year, and that while the year just started, exams. After 10 weeks of hard work & just handing in the final versions of your papers, you have to immediatly start revising, repeating, summarizing and whatever is needed to pass your exams.

I think I suffer from a procastination-syndrome, just like everybody else does. I bet every student recognizes him- or herself in having the intension of ‘only focusing on studies this period so that I can pass this course with at least an 8.5’ on the start of every period. This works for a week, maybe two. And then there is sports, work, travelling and your social life. And that is where you start procastinating studies.

Period 2 for me is always the worst, since it follows immediately after period 1. This sounds silly maybe, but because I don’t have retakes, period 3 only follows period 2 after a week of doing absolutely nothing. After period 1, this is not the case, there is no retake week, so one just goes on and on and on. Ofcourse there is the christmas break, so two weeks before that you start saying: I’ll do my cathing up during the break. But in this break one cannot study either since family, eating and drinking obligations keep you from it. Resulting in the fact that the exams get more stressier than they already were.

I have to warn future master students, during your master you worry much more about passing exams and courses. I’m still not sure if that is because your studies have just gone up some levels in difficulty or that you feel you are kind of done studying and want to start your working life. And for that, you kind of really need to get your degree. Wish me luck, everyone, this week I’m taking two more hurdles to reach this degree.