Wednesday, May 1, 2013

While writing my Thesis...!!

In order to carry out the research of my thesis, I have to make use of firm specific data, in this case from the Worldbank enterprise survey. These data are not publicly available and can only be used for research purposes, so I had to ask permission and explain the goal of my research before I gained access to the enormous dataset. My first task is to filter the interesting data which I can later use for my regression analysis. During the course of my research I will have meetings with my supervisor on a regular basis, to guide me through the process and provide me with helpfull feedback. I started 2 weeks ago, but haven't seen my supervisor even once. Was he sick, you might wonder, or can't he be bothered? None of all this is the case. As he is really into modern communication he prefers to 'meet' on Skype instead of in his office. This has worked perfectly well so far and we are both very happy with this way of coummunication. As I mentioned before I have to plan my near future and make a decision on what to do when my studies are over. I'm consisering to apply for some traineeships, because I regard them to be the ideal way to get a job in the current jobmarket. For one of the traineeships I applied for, het Rijkstraineeship at the Dutch government, I just heard I was selected to participate in the next round of the application procedure. As this is something I would love to do, you would understand that I'm currently very excited about it. I will complete this capacity test next week, so I will be happy to update you all in my next blog!