Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Thesis time!

I will start writing my thesis from next week onwards. The goal of my research is to assess whether there exists a home market effect for foreign subsidiaries of multinational companies in developing countries. In short, does the extent of foreign ownership influence these firms' productivity? If everything works out as planned I will finish my thesis and therefore my Masters' studies in about 10 weeks, so I should start thinking about what to do next. I really would like to enrol in a traineeship-programme. The application deadline for many traineeships is in the course of this month. This effectively means that I find myself writing several motivation letters for the most attractive traineeships, before pimping my CV one last time, hoping to be invited for an interview or to succeed to the next round of the application procedure. In the mean time, I’m working out my take home exam for the course Multinational Firm, which is officially my last exam ever. I’m not so sure if this is exciting or sad. While writing this blog I once again realize that I'm on the brink of starting my professional career. But before I will dress up in suit and tie, I will enjoy every last bit of my life as a student. In  my next blog I will tell you all about the progress I made with my Master thesis research, as well as my quest in search of a challenging and exciting traineeship.