Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21st 2012...

We are only with a few students in the Globalisation & Development track. This is nice, as you get to know all your fellow students way easier than in larger tracks. We attend the classes with the same small group all the time, so you start to chat with one another more easily outside class. There seems to be quite some connection amongst each other as outside Uni activities are organized all the time. This week there was a gathering together at one student’s place with food and wine. Another good example of the nice atmosphere between the Masters students is the snow fight we had after (and between) class a few weeks ago. The first snowflakes had fallen and everything outside looked nice and white, a good opportunity for some fun in the snow. Almost all students in the track joined and it took half an hour before we finally finished our battle. All in all these things really add something to the experience of being a student at Utrecht University.

And then to question that has been puzzling a lot of people in meantime: Is the end of the world really approaching? If the Maya people were right with their calendar, which would denote the end of the world on the 21th of December in 2012, the apocalypse of the world would come today and this would effectively be my last blog for the Utrecht University School of Economics. However, according to Maya Nobel laureate Rigoberta MenchĂș the whole ‘End of the World’ story is all non-sense, which is only being made up by sensationalist merchant people. Good news for us, as we are on the brink of enjoying our well-deserved Christmas break.
This break will not only mean that I will gather together with friends and family to enjoy nice food and drinks and open the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I will have to do some catching up with reading some articles for the courses I’m currently following and today we will receive our feedback on the Draft version of our paper we submitted for the course Institutions, Growth & Development. Hopefully, this will not be the end of the world. Probably not!
For now, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy 2013!!

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