Friday, January 3, 2014


As I promised, I am giving a sign of life here (my endterms went reasonably fine). Also, these are  the first days of the new year! After 4 months of living here in Utrecht I visited my friends and family for the first time and spent my holidays at home. So you can imagine how excited I was about meeting them all again. Until now, I also lacked the experience of flying alone which I think is special moment in everyone's life (especially this age). However the New Year's Eve was extraordinary with my friends, I am back again in Utrecht and even though its officially winter time now, the Dutch weather is really kind to me lately. Something extraordinary to point out, is that I was given the chance to participate in Antony Burgmans' guest lecture a while ago and it was really interesting. All credit goes to the DLC (Discussion and Lecture) committe for that. Meanwhile the regular financial accounting lectures are also spiced up with interesting topics and interesting lecturers from the various fields of the industry. New exams are coming up in microeconomics and financial accounting, but after that, ski trip with friends to France will make me forget every stressed moment.
That's all folks for now ;-) will see what will happen in the following weeks!

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