Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back to reality

Hi everyone!

As you can very well see (or read) I made it it safe and sound back from the snowy mountains of France. (even though I missed my flight at first place!) Although this little ski trip may not be study related, I am writing about it to let you know that after the exams you have each period, (4 times a year) you have 2 weeks of freedom :D (given that you did not fail any of your previous exams...) So its quite a good incentive to study! Just so you know, in Financial accouting I got an 8.0 which is a really nice grade especially comapared to the 5.0 I scored in Microeconomics...which means that next time there is no holiday for me :-(
Anyway the two new courses I have are Statistics and since I did not choose a minor, Marketing. They both are really interesting but seem really hard too! Meanwhile I found a part-time job in a really nice Kafé so you can imagine how happy I am about it as a student.
If that wouldn't be enough, one of my friends from hungary is visiting me the coming week and another one promised to do the same in the following months.

Now I must turn my attention back to my studies, but you will hear from me soon again.

Have fun,

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