Monday, November 4, 2013


Do you know this accelerating feeling of just having finished an exam, you feel like the weight is taken off your shoulders, the sky seems a bit bluer and you feel like the world is your oyster?
(Please sense the overdramatic touch here).
Well then the feeling that follows should also be familiar: „Dang, this was just one out of three exams for this week and I actually have to continue studying- like right now!”
If you can connect to this situation, then you have an idea how my day was. I told you that I would report about my studying efforts for exams, but surprise! I was too busy studying instead of writing this blog. This was my first exam (International Business Ventures) of the master and it was comparable to a Bachelor exam at USE. Well we actually had only two hours time, while normally almost all exams are three hours. But the amount of content and questions was of course designed for two hours, so overall it was not a problem to finish writing within this time constraint.

Now I have to start studying for a theory exam on Wednesday of Empirical Economics and after that there is one more on Friday (The STATA (statistical computer program) exam). After I am done with the study marathon, I hope to get back to you during the weekend after I caught up on enough sleep.

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