Sunday, November 17, 2013

A new stage of my life...

Hi All!

Not only am I new to University but also to blogging, since this is my first blog post ever. I am Bence Jenőfi, a 19 years old freshman at Utrecht School of Economics, studying Economics and Business Economics (how suprising :D) I am hungarian and I came here to study for 3 major reasons. I wanted to study in English, I wanted to study at a highly ranked University with a multidisciplinary approach, and last but not least I found Utrecht as a place awesome. I am living here since August and the last 3 month just made me more certain, that I did not regret my choice. The freshman week was unforgettable...(indeed I remember evrything :P )

As the weeks passed by, I got familiar with various economic concepts from different social scientist and also developed my optimizing skills in math. However, the midterm exams went reasonable well, I am still waiting for those crucial endterm results from 2 weeks ago. Cross your fingers guys...there is something at stake! Meanwhile I started my second period of studying this week with two brand new courses (Microeconomics and Financial Accounting).

One thing you should keep in mind is, that friendships come just as fast as bikes go by! (I meant here: bikes from your inventory) I also cant help but mention the two major types of Utrecht Universitiy social life: There are the ones who study hard and those who party harder!

I am really happy to mention that I am an active member of the ECU '92 study association both in the Relaxcie (party organising) and the Investment committe. There is an interesting project going on in both of them so I am not bored at all. Also, one of my great friends visited me this weekend who has never been in Utrecht before, so it was a fun time to guide her through the best places.

I dont know the policy about making advertisements :D but guys, if you want a really nice experience besides drinking only, look up De Belgie and Olvivier. These two places are unique in their own atmosphere.

And now...I have to go back to my studies. Hopefully you will hear from me again after I got my endterm results...

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