Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Career Day

 As you can tell from the absence of recent blog entries, the time-demanding requirements of my Master study hold me back from keeping you up to date.
The last weeks have been really eventful: There was among others the career day organized by ECU92, the study organization from the Economics faculty. The career day is offered to give you the chance to get in closer contact with a couple of interesting firms, talk to experienced employees and of course to network.
You had to sign up beforehand by sending in your CV and you could already decide what kind of workshops and lectures you wanted to visit. Furthermore it was possible to apply for personal meetings with the firms (e.g. ABN Amro, KPMG & SNS). The day started with a lecture by a young entrepreneur from Rockstart, which was a former UU student.  I thought it was great to hear the experience and advice from a very young person, who can relate to your situation. These kind of lectures are often very inspirational and can give you a better idea what is possible after your studies.
For the rest of the day I attended two workshops, one by a social entrepreneur and one from the “Belastingsdienst” (tax authorities). So you can shape the day according to your interests. In case you are not entirely clear on what you want to do after your studies, or if you are simply interested in meeting some interesting people, I definitely advice to attend the career day. And if that did not convince you, there is always a free lunch and nice goodies to take home J

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